Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Working Summer

Becca had a busy summer.  She was full-time in the summer hire program at the Consulate.  She had dog-sitting jobs. And she took a 10-week summer 3D art class.

The last project for the summer was a clay piece with the goal of creating an anthropomorphic animal/insect/non-living items as a toy/logo for a children's store

Ideas were tossed around and the two final contenders were a ballerina mosquito and a corgi Queen.

The piece that resulted is quite remarkable IMO.  From the beginning when it was a drawing then a wire skeleton, to when it started taking corgi shape in clay, and finally the finishing painted details, it was amazing to watch. I've said several times that if we saw this in a store in a London, I'd buy it for Rebecca because she's all about the corgis, and this is a fabulous piece.

A royal shelf wave.

Working up to this piece, she started with a wire seahorse for an imaginary aquarium. This one she brought with her to work on while we visited Dublin.  Jeffrey was her carry-on:

It's about 18 inches, not the mammoth it appears.

A foam core "Bat Shramp" (not sure what location this was for). The task was to combine a macro-creature with a micro-creature:

Just missing whiskers.

And a tea light tree sculpture for the head office of an imaginary organic food company. The task was to pick any single item and build it up. This was her least favorite result, but I think it still has a certain charm:

And now she's back to Savannah, a couple weeks early to get her RA training before the rest of the kids arrive to school. She has a long 12 weeks ahead of her and we already miss her.

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