Saturday, August 5, 2017


Last night Becca and I hit the Main River on stand up paddle boards.  A friend sent out an invite to a group of folks, 26 said yes, and off we went.

The Main River goes through the center of Frankfurt, and we paddled our way through part of it, and we paddled through sunset.  It was a beautiful evening.

And I only fell in once.

I don't think SUP is something I'll do again unless it's through a nature reserve of some sort, for while the city was lovely the big working ships passing by were a little less so.  And the folks sitting on the banks whistling. And it's hard.  Sleeping was a little tough as all those arm and leg muscles did their spasm dances from over exertion.

But yeah, it was fun and I'm really glad I went.  Another thing off the ever-growing bucket list.

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