Sunday, September 10, 2017

Race Around Mainhattan

Yesterday we held the "Race Around Mainhattan." Ten teams went out with 37 clues and ran around to take photos of themselves in different areas of the city - some just markers or plaques, others were tasks of various challenging degrees.

I don't have permission to put up their photos so here are the photos of the scores :)

And bummer I didn't get a photo of the prizes!

Logo by Becca :)

We've spent the past few months walking around the town and talking about interesting or fun places to send our teams. It was advertised for a long while, and wouldn't you know it took until the last few days before the teams were all signed up. I should know by now that no one commits to anything until the very last second, but you also know how challenging that can be when arranging for prizes. Can I justify purchasing prizes that don't have potential winners?

It all worked out and they seemed to have fun.  One team took to their bikes, the rest used their feet and the UBahn. One of their tasks was to track the number of Starbucks they passed... FYI there are a lot of Starbucks in Frankfurt. Clue points were weighted by the challenge, of course.  From finding a particular lock on the Eiserner Steg to dressing up in Dirndls and Lederhosen, from riding the Bull and Bear to getting a photo with Angela Merkel. Creativity is key. As judges, when the teams returned Ian and I were free to give extra points for creative photos, because, you know, judge power!

All in all, a successful event.  Maybe we'll even do it again next fall.

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