Wednesday, January 10, 2018

And then Ian and Becca went to...

Because why not?
I wasn't there, but I did grab a lot of Becca's Snapchat photos. Apparently they really liked the Tour Eiffel.

And they spent a lot of time walking, visiting art museums, and eating food. One dinner stop they made was at Le Tournebievre, our favorite place the last time we were in Paris. There was one condition, and it totally broke Becca's transition to vegetarianism that day. She had to try an escargot.  She choked it down but will never need to eat another snail ever. But if  you ever have the opportunity, do so, have the escargot and don't pass on dessert, especially the profiteroles.  They are divine.

Near to Le Tournebievre is Shakespeare & Company. There are 2 doors. One takes you into a packed, tight, wonderful bookstore, where people have to sidle past each other to see the spines of modern thrillers and classic children's books, and hard to find copies. And I believe there's a cat lurking somewhere. Every bookstore should have a cat.  Through the other door is the room of First Editions, signed editions, and books that are no longer in print. Last time Ian purchased a James Bond novel.  This time he picked up a first edition of A Handmaid's Tale.  We've ruthlessly cut our book collection and moved largely to Kindle versions, but when a beautiful or remarkable book comes along, we simply can't resist.

Enough on that. Photo commentaries by Becca from her artsy snaps.

They tried to go to Notre Dame and the line was down the block, therefore...

Required photo.
Every time Ian goes through Paris he brings me back a box of macaron from Ladurée at the airport (this time was no exception, but instead it came from....), so of course they went to the original café on the Champs Elysees. 

The macaron is normal-sized.  Do not adjust your screen.
A quick trip.  It's Europe.

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