Sunday, January 21, 2018

While the kids were snowboarding...

Ian and I spent time together. Because Garmisch is a lovely town.  Small, with roughly 10 huts in their Christmas Market, and art around every corner. It helped that it had snowed the day before we arrived and everything was gorgeous. While we meandered the little market, flurries added to the awesome wintry scene.

Lots of painted historic buildings.

The Garmisch Bären.

On one day we went to a café Krönner for brunch.  While the food was excellent, the service (for us at least, others went in and out), was molasses slow. It's a cute little spot to go on a date. 

Wednesday we headed to Dachau with Katherine.

There is no such thing as a good photo of a concentration camp. It was as sad and horrifying as you'd expect as Dachau was the blueprint for the system. Jonathon went to Sachsenhausen concentration camp when he took a class trip to Berlin last year. It's not something we ever want to revisit.

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