Tuesday, March 20, 2018

If I could choose a dinner-party guest list for today...

In no particular order...

Michelle Obama, I guess Pres Obama could come too ;)
Lin-Manual Miranda and his wife, Vanessa - she must be amazing. I'd also have his parents over.
Jon Stewart and Tracey, as long as they bring a rescue goat, amirite?
Maisie Williams - does she have an SO?  I don't even know. Who cares! She's awesome.
Wes Johnson and his wife, Kim, who must also be amazing. Rock the Red!
Phillip Morrison, with a painting please! I know which one...
Ben Whishaw, the more I see him in, the more I love him.
Ed Sheeran. can you see Ed and Lin-Manual togetherr? I can.

I can dream.

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