Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Thames Embankment at Low Tide

For ever, Londoners, and those before, tossed their unwanted items into the Thames.  Well, I'm sure some of the items were lost into the Thames, or even, um, disposed of into the Thames. For years I've read about "mudlarking" - the search for history among the rocks and dirt. This visit, as we made our long way to the Bridge Theater on foot, I saw that the tide was out, and we were right by a set of steps leading down to the mud. It was time to check for treasures.

We didn't find any pipes or shoes or coins or....


I hope our HomeAway hosts weren't too freaked out.  We left a note with the bag that said where we'd found them and suggested they perhaps see what mammal (we hope it's an animal mammal) they originated from.

That's not creepy.  Right?

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