Sunday, October 6, 2019


So for those in the know - nothing to see here, move along. For those who don't know, MPC is the My Peak Challenge and it's actually like nothing I've ever seen before (not that I ever went looking for an exercise program before, minor detail).  Not just the workouts, but the on-line community, the in-person community (I hope to join when I'm better settled), and the idea that the rest times, eating times, family times, etc. are just as important as the workout. After all, most people spend what, 30 mins to 2 hours in the gym or working out and the other 22+ hours are where everything happens!  Sleeping, feeding the body, keeping it clean, stretching the brain, etc.  It's all important.

Now, I can say I'm all gungho about this because I'm on Week 1, Day 5 of the Foundations program.  Foundations is the part where you learn about the exercises used and start building up strength and stamina.  It's for the weak.  Like me.  But it gets better.  Just about every exercise has modifications, all in video form in the on-line program guide.  As I currently do not have a home and am not part of a gym, I have to make adjustments.  Also, as I am truly weak, I do modifications that make everything, even in this beginner's beginner phase, easier.  No, I cannot do a push-up.  But that's a OK, because I should clarify: I cannot do a push-up YET.

The crazy thing is that because I still end up sweaty and wiped even with the modifications, I look forward to the workout days.  This is not me.  I do not exercise.  I hate exercise.  And yet now I find myself going to Jazzercise about weekly and thinking ahead to when I'll do the next MPC workout.  It's a brutal mindset shift, truly.  I can hardly recognize myself.

But back to this only being Week 1, Day 5 of beginner beginner's month long "get your butt moving, you can do this" phase. I need to have little goals - and that's built in too.  M= My and C = Challenge. What do I want to get out of this?  Well, besides being weak with no stamina and now 45 years old I want to be strong and HAVE stamina.... isn't that enough?  Maybe, but I also want to do another Mud Run or something like it and not be the person everyone waits for during the 5K parts.  I want to do another City Run and not be the one my kids have to push push push to just keep going to the finish line.  I want to never hesitate if someone says we should go do something, even if it's way out of my experience zone.

I've gone white water rafting (OK, they were only 1-3s, but it's a start!), scuba diving and snorkeling, spelunking, mud run-ning, City Dash-ing, sky diving, stand up paddle-boarding, skiing, wall climbing, rock climbing, sea kayaking, river bouldering, but there's so much more. Why not mush? Coasteer? And that Munro Challenge is mine next year. It's not just because I want the t-shirt either.

So now that I've put it out there, I'm committed.  I have nothing in my way for the next 25-30 days to complete the Foundations program.  And since I've done Week 1, I went to the sporting goods store and got a foam roller, jump rope, and stretch band.  The simplest, lightest, and easiest of all.  Because it's still hard for me, and making it really hurt will just have me quit. I need to finish each day, even if I don't finish perfectly or on the hardest setting. So bring on the sweat and the sore legs and shoulders to this puny weak body.

The MPC is also a charity program where a part of the proceeds of the yearly membership goes to charities close to the heart of the gym rat program creators. I'm cool with that.

My membership t-shirt is hanging up in the closet where I can see it every day.  I'll reward myself with wearing it when I've finished Foundations.

Curious?  Check out My Peak Challenge.  I'll be your cheerleader :)

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