Friday, March 21, 2003

Chop chop

Grandpa thought Nicholas was getting too shaggy, so off they went for a boys trip to the barber. He's looking mighty cute now. Grandpa got his hair cut so that Nicholas could watch the whole process first and go through it himself without worry. Of course, I knew he'd do fabulous even without a guide, but they had a good time together. Grandpa even took him out after to get a couple new cars.

Last night he slept overnight at the grandparents home along with his siblings. I was told how he had a little bit of a hard time going to bed wanting mom and dad, but eventually it all worked out. After Katherine and Rebecca took care of him when he didn't want to sleep by sitting with him and looking through baby pictures, Katherine let him fall asleep in her bed. When it came time for Katherine to get to sleep, she decided that it was OK for Nicholas to stay there, and she'd just cozy up with him. How cute is that?

A couple days ago we went to the hotel pool. Nice and heated, with a great hot tub, we stuck some water wings on him, but before we knew it, he was paddling around the whole pool without any help. I figure it won't take too long in Manila before he's a true swimmer. He was very pleased with himself and kept saying "No hep, me 'im!"

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