Saturday, March 15, 2003

Moving on to a new stage

She's put on a brave face for the most part, but there are times when she breaks down, showing how sad she is to be leaving her school and her friends. And she gets worried that no one in Manila will like her or be able to speak to her. It's amazing how sensitive she really is, to -everything-. She can take a ribbing, but not as far as we think oftentimes. There is a very caring, gentle, compassionate nature to her that I don't ever want to quelch. This afternoon she found out our neighbor (5yo) wasn't feeling well, so both she and her sister headed inside and made him get well gifts which they promptly brought over.

She did really well at King. Her teacher seemed to enjoy having her, and I know that her principal, Mr. Shaw, will miss her. Her reading is excellent, her math is taking off (she's into multiplication now), and she's interested in learning about everything. Yesterday she was very pleased to finally beat her sister in chess. Oddly enough though, chess just isn't her game, as she hadn't realized she'd won and often has to be reminded that Rebecca is in check. Her phone skills are still greatly lacking, but we're working on them slowly.

A while ago the box (yes, just a box, not a boxspring or anything that fancy, when we bought it we were poor as church mice) under the mattress of her bed cracked badly. No one could put any amount of pressure on one corner as it would then collapse. Hmmm. So, finally, the box has been thrown out as has the frame. And the mattress is on the floor in her room. Next step, the mattress gets brought back to grandma's house for their trundle and for a couple nights, we'll either bring the futon mattress to the girls room, or we'll move Nicholas back to his toddler bed and give Katherine the full-sized... or the choice that everyone seems to like best is that Katherine and Rebecca share one twin. Why they think that's a good idea? No clue. But if it makes them happy, why not.

This morning we had a yard sale and she was really happy with that. The weather was pretty nice and all the kids played outside. Freeze tag, hide-n-seek. She's really good at keeping track of Jonathon, and she helped get him dressed this morning even while he complained the whole time. The only time she got in trouble was after they raked a big pile of leaves, she grabbed a few handfuls and stuffed them in Rebecca's underwear and pants. Ew, itchy.

Katherine is getting so big and tall now. She's almost a young lady. Of course, I suppose those top 2 teeth will finally have to fall out for that to happen! They've been ever so slightly wiggly for a long time now.

I'll let you know how she handles the flights, the stay in Hawaii and the transition to Manila.

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