Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Quick note...

3/3/04: Katherine is having troubles breathing when she exerts herself, only she didn't have problems at P.E. today but did at the playground and at home this evening. Monday night she had a fever, Tuesday morning she had a fever but still made it through school with some motrin. The fever returned Tuesday evening. Today she managed OK.

Jonathon currently has a fever and a snot factory nose.

Nicholas can't stop coughing, still gets pains in his abdomen but not as badly, nor in the same place as before. Now it's off to the side, but not in appendix zone.

Rebecca is healthy but a huge pain in the ass. Goodness, I don't know what is up with her but she has been rude, mean and everything else unacceptable.

You know, I look forward to the week I can say everyone is doing fabulous!

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