Saturday, August 28, 2004

AmeriKids update

Somehow I was roped into being part of the board for AmeriKids Preschool. It’s not a role I hate. Far from it I think it’s great. Last year I was asked to maintain the website. It was originally on a free Tripod site, but this year I took all the content and moved it to a stable site of its own.

You can see it at AmeriKids. I’d wanted but it was bought and the gentleman who owns it wouldn’t sell. Oh well.

The boys are having a wonderful time. We bring a little girl, Katie, with us in the morning and then bring her home after. Though we’ve seen her at school and been at her home a couple times, riding in our car was still new and the first few days were rough. She has calmed down and seems to be enjoying herself now. There’s a lot of giggling going on back there.

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