Thursday, August 5, 2004

So I'm single mother for 6 days.

Ian left for Korea this morning and after 6 days will return with Jeff in tow.

He's flying Korean Air and when I spoke to him this evening he said it was a decent flight. Not long either, it runs about 4 hours. He certainly had it easier than Jeff who flew in from D.C.
On the way to drop him off at the airport we passed a Cebu Pacific billboard. The image was of the aisle in an airplane with a giant bee smiling gleefully and holding a take-out box of food. Yup, CP now serves Jollibee on their flights. YumBurger or ChickenJoy, how will anyone choose?? Like I don't feel ill enough with the flight alone.
The kids were getting sad knowing daddy wouldn't be there to say Goodnight in the evening. Ian tried to lighten the mood and was chatting with Jonathon about his upcoming birthday. The littlest man will be 3 on the 18th, can anyone believe that?
Ian: Only a couple more weeks until your birfday.
Jonathon: Then I be three. Then I be bigger.
Why do kids want to grow up so fast?
We said our farewell and reached SM in good time. It wasn't completely chaotic yet (and I've discovered that if you park on the 8th level of the Park Square garage, there's a bridgeway directly into the children's section of the department store) so we had way too many people hovering when buying shoes for Katherine, and hovering when looking for swimsuits for Rebecca and hovering when choosing flashlights and nails in the home repair section. Which is worse... 1000 people squashing you every way you turn or 4 people watching your every move? I think they are equally unpleasant.
The nails and flashlights were easy enough. The swimsuits were a bust as all the store carried was Speedo and I there are better deals ordering overstocks on-line or asking my mom to watch the post-season sales. And the shoes, well, I sure hope Katherine's feet don't grow too quick, and that she doesn't lose them in the meantime. I battled between junky $10 tennies and decent more, um, expensive shoes. She's wearing a size 4 now, the last size in children's shoes, so I took the plunge. She now owns a great pair of Skechers that has some toe wiggling space and thankfully no cartoon characters. I told her she was too big for charater shoes anymore and I think that took her aback. Was it the wrong thing to say? She's only 8 afterall, but if she wants character stuff I have no problem with a t-shirt. I feel that shoes should be able to go with anything, even tennis shoes and she's old enough to look nice and think it matters. I'm probably scarring her for life.
With no reasonable swimsuits in sight we decided to try the stores in Glorietta. Can you believe not a single child's swimsuit in the entire children's section? Tina T. and I will be going out together to shop in a couple weeks so we'll look together then, perhaps in Landmark.
We had lunch at Coeur de France and the kids played for a bit at the playground. There was a swimming lesson in the afternoon so we went home for about an hour to relax and rest beforehand. The lesson was good, part of it down in moderately heavy rain (but no lightning) and with a quick stop in the Club to pick up a soda and brownie we were off to home. Jonathon and Rebecca were seriously fading so we had an early dinner of hotdogs and watermelon before stories and finally bed.
What am I up to tonight? I have a couple things to get ready to mail then I feel like cleaning up the bedroom a bit. The next few nights will be quiet but I hope I don't use them as an excuse to stay up until 11 or 12. I've done that before when Ian was out for the evening or gone on a trip. But I need to be rested since it's just me for 5 more days. Tomorrow should be a good day, I've let the kids decide what to do before swimming. Thanks AmyN for the suggestion.

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