Saturday, August 7, 2004

A fun day today.

Ian may be off touring the Korean DMZ today, but the kids and I had fun at the Back to School swim party at Seafront (thankfully the rain held off until the party ended) and at Glorietta to see the Imperial Circus.

There were plenty of kids at the party, enough to actually be a surprise. The pool is never that busy. But for 3 hours, with a short break for lunch, the kids swam and swam and I took Jonathon to the potty 4 times. I didn't think it was possible for a little guy to go that much.
Afterwards, we were home for about 1/2 hour, enough to change and rest before getting to Glorietta with the dream of seats. I should have known better and just taken the kids during the week. Saturday afternoon at the mall? Yeah right. But we were close enough and sat on the ground and it was fine.
The Imperial Circus is a small traveling show with former members of the Moscow Circus and Cirque de Soleil. I don't know if they are former members because the cast changed or because they weren't quite up to par, but either way it was a great show. Our favorites were the acrobats balancing atop a stack of chairs, hanging from a hoop, and swinging round through the air from a long flowing span of material. The clowns were fun but (is this possible?) I think some of the humor went over the kids' heads.
I'm really pleased with the cultural activities brought free to the community. An hour or less is perfect for all of my kids to enjoy a show and be exposed to artistry and music. Not to say that they wouldn't enjoy longer, but these bits here and there really give them a wide range of exposure that doesn't have to be planned and scheduled. It fits into our daily life without trouble and makes it something they are familiar with rather than something unusual and foreign. I like that. Now that we've seen The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and the Imperial Circus, I wonder what's next?

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