Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Amazing Race

Anyone want to do the next Amazing Race with us?

We're actually stateside (have to have a U.S. address) and will be here long enough since it's taping over June. But wouldn't you know, they mix it up and now it's four related people or sorta kinda related.
What's sad is that we have no one, not even a single other person (forget finding two people) who could do this with us. My mother has no desire to sleep on airport floors. While my father would jump on the chance, medical reasons could preclude him. And... that's it. We'd take Jeff in an instant but I'd have to become a bigamist or something equally odd. That still leaves spot #4 and... not a clue. We know enough couples we'd love to do the Race with. Oh look, there's the annoying "family" rule again.
Tapes and questionnaires have to be in by March 11th and we've been thinking about potential racemates for over a week and have come up with absolutely nothing. Wow. That is pathetic! At least there's no age limit for the game, but will it still exist in 2 years when we're back?? Will it?? I think we'd have a great angle once we had permission from State, it's sad to see the opportunity pass us by. Maybe some of our Foreign Service friends will jump on the Race bandwagon. We'd be green with envy.

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