Tuesday, March 1, 2005


Another snow day today. The kids were all stuck in the apartment, Katherine isn't feeling well with a persistent headache and a low fever, housekeeping came through (one of the perks living in a fully furnished place), Ian had his first day for language classes and our air shipment arrived.

Of course we now have four twin quilts and no twin beds to use them on. The kids are all sharing beds which doesn't seem to be bothering them much at all. But really, what three bedroom place is stocked with two king beds and a double?
Having the kids home today worked out well for unpacking. Nicholas stuck with me to the end and earned himself a Twinkie for unpacking the very last items out of the very last box. The computer we put aside for Ian to deal with. As it happens, the computer is kaput. Honestly, Ian cannot get it to run. It seems to be a hardware issue, but he can't get it to turn on properly. I guess this will push our hand now to figure out what we really want to do. Get a second laptop and ditch the PC altogether? Get a new more compact computer? Ian will research and we'll talk and figure out what to do. Until I have something to do photos on there won't be anything new up. I know it's been a while and I apologize. Of course, we're also having troubles with our camera. The card is bad and periodically images are deemed corrupt.
Sometimes I really hate technology. It's not that it's inherently bad, but the dependency we have on it really makes life difficult when it breaks.
I'm glad I've taken up scrapbooking. Aside from the need to type up journals and print them (requiring in-house technology) and having photos (requiring in-house technology to take the photos and either to burn CDs or print the photos directly), it can all be done with scissors, ink and glue. OK, OK. I guess that's why I'm here and not on the floor with my books, at least until we get the camera and computers straightened out. Yesterday my mom, the girls and I went to A.C. Moore's scrapbook fest. The girls each got 6x6 books for their time in the States. They got to pick out letter stickers, some die cuts and paper and they chose plenty of patriotic items. Now all they need are photos to get started. I was looking for coluzzle templates to make letters but couldn't get over the $15 price tags for a single font.
You know what. Forget all that. Just wish me luck that I finish the New Zealand book before the one year anniversary of the trip, OK?

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