Saturday, March 5, 2005

We are up and running. Yay!

Ian has his laptop, I have my desktop PC, all is well with the world :)

Nothing runs as smoothly as it says on the box, but after spending a good chunk of yesterday evening putting it all together, at least the new computer was running. But enough components were new that the Microsoft software didn't recognize the computer and insisted on being reinitiated or some other such thing. Ian hadn't brought all our master CDs, posing quite the problem. A call here, a call there, plenty of "You'll have to buy it all new" and "We can't help you" later, he gave up for the evening.
Today Katherine asked him to set up "her" laptop. He popped open the CD drive and... the Microsoft Office CD was inside. Why? No one knows. But there it was and 5 minutes later the PC was flying along.
The newest issue is that his laptop can't seem to find the wireless network. He'll figure it out. I told him yesterday that he'd missed his calling. He's really good at this technology computer stuff.
All this means that I've downloaded the pictures off the camera and can finally feel comfortable catching up on everything that's been slacking the past three weeks. Yay.

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