Friday, October 21, 2005

It's like an old Western

The good: Ian’s press conference on Tuesday went very well. Loads of people heard him on the radio and some saw him on TV. You can read his statement at the Embassy website. Nicholas read his first phrase on his own without prompting: Keep Off. The library has been reorganized to the best of my ability, aside from the poetry, mythology and plays. We received several boxes from my parents today, one held reference books and a Rand McNally “Explore America” CD which is greatly appreciated, and we received our orders for the dog (though the puppy harness is too small, drat). We’re watching Lost #3 and CSI tonight!

The bad: Our water storage tank is overflowing. Our phone lines have been down for a several days. The boys keep losing at poker, resulting in chip stealing and many tears.

The ugly: Our consumables shipment has been located, the order that was placed the end of July and actually picked up for shipment 13 September. It is in transit to post and should arrive the first week of November.

Too bad it’s en route to David T. Hopper in Chennai, India.

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