Thursday, October 6, 2005


Today, I’m not at the school. Tuesdays and Thursdays I stay home to do home “stuff”.

By 10:30 this morning I had cleaned the dining table and swept the dining room floor, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen counters, picked up the living room, folded all the clothes I washed on Tuesday, and ironed Ian’s and Nicholas’s shirts. I’m still thinking about my project though, so here is my current wish list:
Magazines: Especially trade journals or topical magazines like Smithsonian, Scientific American, Astronomy, PHOTOgraphic, etc. Children’s magazines like Discover Kids or National Geographic Kids would also be valuable. When you or your kids are done reading, if the magazine is still in good shape and from the past year, please don’t throw it away.
Encyclopedia CDs: Often when people purchase new software it comes bundled with other software like card creators or encyclopedias for free. Could you check around your home and office?
Posters: Library posters, community posters, environmental posters, respect/manners posters, book posters, maps. Do you have any collecting dust on a shelf, or ones being replaced in your office or school?

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