Saturday, October 15, 2005

Today, part 2

I never went back to sleep. After logging off, I washed dishes, cleaned up the dining room, unpacked some boxes and generally puttered around. Even some ironing was done. We had lunch at L’Okavango (I had sole in hollandaise and Ian chose baracouda, while Katherine went for avocado & crab and Nicholas had shrimp proven├žale, it was all so delicious, the others shared spaghetti as usual), and finally about 2:30 I crashed for a short nap.

Our first guests arrived just after 4 and the last guests departed shortly after 9, with snacks and a game of Cranium in the middle. It was fun, but I know what to fix for next time. Now, I really am tired. Wish me luck for a solid night sleep.

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