Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mystery Solved

Remember months ago the troubles with our consumables shipment?

It was sent to Chennai, India, to the consul general there named David T. Hopper. The State Department sent a replacement shipment tous by air, which arrived here soon thereafter.
But the question remained, what happened to all those foods and supplies that landed in India? An answer came a couple weeks ago when Lisa F. e-mailed me after seeing a post I’d written on a message board for Foreign Service types (on the board, folks typically sign with the list of countries they’ve served in), and asked if I knew a David Hopper in Togo.
In fact, I do.
Lisa is currently in Chennai and wanted us to know our consumables were sold (at great prices apparently) to the American community there. Some food was also donated. And a dessert was named for Ian. Lisa had a larger than expected number of guests for Christmas dinner, but not enough dessert, so a big bowl of vanilla pudding and bowls of toppings (we had marshmallows, chocolate chips, etc in our boxes) were put out for all.
We're just glad it all found happy homes.

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