Friday, January 13, 2006

Today is a "holiday"

Only, the kids aren't off school, and Ian is doing work stuff, so it's just me and chicken pox girl at home again.

Warning: History lesson ahead.
Today is Friday, 13 January. Bad enough it's Friday 13th, right? But the 13 January is a national holiday here because it's the day the previous president came to power, not be be confused with being elected.
In 1960, Togo received complete independence from France. In its first election that year, the country chose Sylvanus Olympio.
Unfortunately, on the 13th January 1963, President Olympio was killed by army non-commissioned officers (the story has it, led by Gnassingbe Eyadema) as he scrambled over his compound wall into the adjoining American Embassy compound in search of asylum. A guy named Grunitzky came to power, but on 13 January 1967, he was ousted in a bloodless coup, by Eyadema who in April of that year became President.
Over the next 30 years Eyadema was in charge until his death this past February. To complement his position, he has a few national holidays of his very own, the 13th of January being one of them.
So, that bring us to today, the first 13 January sans Eyadema but with his son, Faure as President. Mass this morning, a parade, garden party, general joyfulness throughout the country was organized. Ian was asked to attend the first two functions and last I heard the the parade involved horses, the King of Kings cantata and a rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.
I think he'll need the rest of the weekend to recover :)
Tomorrow we're going to a BBQ and the kids want to camp outside in their new tent overnight. We'll see if the dog doesn't worry the tent to shreds. :)
Monday is a holiday for Ian (a real one) but not the kids. Rebecca will be back in school, finally, so Ian and I will occupy ourselves.

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