Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why yes, it is 3something in the morning.

I'm not supposed to be awake. In fact, I went to bed shortly after 10 in order to avoid being awake right now, and in my own small way to help the Redskins win their playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. Obviously, I'm awake now and I didn't go to bed early enough because the 'skins lost their game anyway. I'm sorry. I'm bad luck for the Washington team.

But this isn't about a football team and the losing vibes I spread to them no matter where I am on the planet. It's about a short-lived adventure right in our very own backyard.
For Christmas, one of the kid group gifts was a 3-man tent. Three adults = approximately 4 kids right? Ian and I set it up in the living room this afternoon then after dark moved it to the yard. Set-up with sleeping bags, pillows and all the necessary stuffed creatures (live pets not allowed), they crashed around 9 p.m. At 10 I checked and all was fine, but Ian and I waited for the first bail-out. It didn't take long. Around 10:30 a thoroughly drenched (with sweat) Nicholas was done. I tucked him under his covers and went to bed myself. Sometime after the game ended (all I know is Ian was already asleep), Jonathon stood by the bed and said he was done sleeping outside.
With the extra room I rather figured the girls would finish out the night. Five minutes later Rebecca announced she couldn't sleep outside and I guessed Katherine wouldn't make it long on her lonesome. At 3 a.m. I checked on all the kids. Imagine my surprise to see both boys in their beds yet not a girl to be found.
I slipped on a pair of Ian's shoes and went outside one last time to check on the tent inhabitants. Rebecca was back with her sister but awoke the instant I unzippered the door. My plan had been simply to open the 2 windows to allow the cooler night air inside, but by then Katherine was awake too and it was agreed they would both return to their beds and air conditioning.
I can't really blame any of them. Somehow mosquitoes were still getting in which is annoying as well as a health-hazard. Someone (*cough* Rebecca? *cough*) kept zippering the windows closed, making it extremely warm inside with four bodies emitting heat. The hotel next door was having its regular weekend party complete with loud music. When we said goodnight, the kids were being serenaded by Amazing Grace. The dog was snuffling around, periodically getting herself stuck in the pool enclosure, requiring her to bark her fool head off to be released. And the bats were out in force, which doesn't mean they were swooping into people's hair or anything, but they are loud with their batty chirping.
I won't give up hope yet, but maybe for a while the tent will remain a daytime adventure.

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