Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not much to do at school now.

I found myself bored at the school today, which hasn't happened in forever.

Finally, the new 2004 encyclopedias arrived and are on the library shelf. I bought a library set of World books off ebay. I'm awaiting a few other orders of books, but really, it's very quiet now. I do a lot of reading as I work through the Pendragon series.
The director of AISL has hired a music teacher. So far she's teaching the same 2 classes for the same hour. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed. Not sure I am surprised though. While I have always been on civil terms with the Director, Ian hasn't and I don't know how much personal feelings are playing in her decisions. I'm sure that our involvement with the loss of the State Department grant and ensuing loss of Embassy support hasn't made her friendly to us either.
I can only hope that next year will be better. We are switching all the children to the British school as soon as the paperwork goes through our Management Office. I'm hoping it will be soon. I need something positive to focus on with regards to the school.
And since Ian's accident, he's put in a request to move residence to be near the British School and new Embassy complex. The less he has to drive, the better. He just gets angry any time he has to drive anywhere. Being close to the school is a definite plus for me. We'll probably lose our great yard and pool, but there will be compensation in the form of the British School Club.
It's hard to believe we've only been here 6 months.

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