Thursday, March 2, 2006

School today went quickly.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday. The heat is getting ridiculous, though I'm thankful for the rains because today was actually pleasant in the shade with a wonderful cool breeze. We couldn't figure out why we slept poorly last night until we learned quite a storm had blown through with wicked rains and lightning, which had subsequently knocked out power (no a/c!) for a while. Well duh, we didn't get any rest.


A 22 year old student graduated from correspondence course AISL this morning. It's a long story. It was a nice short ceremony though.
My second day as "music teacher" went well. The preK kids learned several verses of London Bridge complete with motions, but I have to seriously watch how I approach the class. Today went better than Tuesday, but I still plan by what Jonathon understands, what Jonathon can do, and what holds Jonathon's attention. But Jonathon is the oldest kid in the class and the only native English speaker. Add to that he's a very out-going, excited kid who loves to do just about anything... well, the other kids aren't what he is. How do teachers find teaching methods that hold everyone's interest and keep everyone engaged? And I only have -4- preK kids!
The K/1/2 class practiced a new song called "A Rat and a Cat" with a verse in English and a verse in French. We stretched, warmed-up, went through the words and melody and put it all together. I even managed to play with a simple accompaniment. It was a good test for all of us. For me to see how I can lead the kids and for the kids to see what I expect. Well, once I figure out what I expect, right? I'm no teacher so I'm making this up as I go.
Since next Friday is International Day, we'll learn the song Kingston Market in the K/1/2 class, and continue with London Bridge for the preKs along with The Ants Go Marching. I would love suggestions for simple songs that would fit the International Day theme. Since few of the kids speak English, or speak it well, I stay far away from songs that have odd pronunciations or bad grammar. Ideas?
The soccer final was today at 1:30. For several weeks the various teams played lunchtime matches and Katherine was matched up with another ES kid, a MS kids and a HS kid. All the teams were mixed and matched to make it fair for all. Katherine was very lucky to be put with some excellent soccer players. Katherine isn't the most gifted of team players, but she loved playing and was thrilled to make it to the final with her team. Today they played two 10-minute halves and after leading 7-2, her team squeaked a 7-6 win. It was an exciting game and when she got home she made a celebratory t-shirt.

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