Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To balance the depressing stuff...

Parent teacher conferences are Thursday. Third quarter has come and gone. It's the same old thing with Katherine's class, but I did want to say how well the boys are doing. Nicholas is now reading simple books. Not just the ones he's read a hundred times in class, or ones we've read dozens of times at home, but ones he hasn't heard before. He's doing great.

Over the weekend Jonathon was spelling and reading 3-letter short vowel words, which took me completely by surprise.

Oh, and Katherine has begun cooking dinner once a week. Actually, this being her first week she has made two dinners. The first night was a pasta dish, the second was eggs baked in sliced chicken cups. Both meals turned out very well. She's already picked her menu for next week. Sloppy joes!

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