Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Power power, who's got the power?

"Seasonal rains are flooding the streets of the Togo capital Lome but low water levels at hydro-electric dams across West Africa mean that residents are increasingly without power."

No kidding! It's been raining since Monday. Yesterday afternoon the sun finally cracked through the clouds, last night it poured again, and this morning we have a little sun, but it certainly looks like the clouds could open any moment. Our pool is within an inch or overflowing. This certainly isn't as bad as the Northeast U.S. is facing, that's a good thing about living on sand where water doesn't stand around in puddles or lakes too long. We're enjoying the cooled weather and actually kept the windows open on Monday, the first time since we've been here.

The cool air is certainly making life better at the school, but I do wish the heavy rains were helping the electricity issues so they'd have power when the heat returns.

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