Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Tube

We have AFN. All hail the gods of AFN. There isn't much, 10 channels total that includes one kid channel, two radio channels, a sports channel, two program guide channels (yes... for 10 channels, but one is another radio news channel also and the other is popular music). The other four channels carry actual shows and movies. It's plenty though, really. And it makes our DVD library purposeful.

There's a single hour of (acceptable) kid cartoons in the afternoon, from 4 to 5 p.m. SpongeBob and Fairly Odd Parents. Yeah, we the parents like them both. In fact, Ian admitted last week that Fairly Odd Parents is a really funny cartoon.
What else are we watching on TV now? Well, Amazing Race is done. Survivor is done. American Idol ends this week. CSI, Lost and Battlestar Galactica (you would watch it too if you gave it a chance) are a season behind so we never watch those on air.
I guess we catch Jon Stewart regularly. That's about it.
I'm trying to instill in the kids that just because the TV has channels, does not mean the programs on those channels are worth viewing. I would much rather have them choose a DVD than watch whatever happens to be on. I think they get the idea, but putting it into practice takes some effort. There are days I enter the room only to see them glued to some program they have no clue about. I prefer to watch some episodes with them first before giving them free reign. I am thankful there are only two channels with anything even remotely interesting to them, so they don't have a long list of options to begin with.
This is not to say we don't watch stuff. My parents send DVDs regularly with stuff we like to see from home, Lost, CSI, Dr. Who and other shows that provide entertainment beyond the streaming Pentagon Channels news programs. One of the best parts though (don't shoot me please) are the commercials. Dominoes pizza now has a 30% larger Large for $10? Cool! Snow is in the forecast? Glad we're not there! Pledge has wipes? Those look great! They make a point of recording movies for the kids too: Ice Princess, American Girls Felicity, Dragon Fighter, Santa Clause.
Lately we've been watching less TV than even our normal limited amount. With the drop in temperatures we don't feel as slow and sleepy. Last night the kids went outside to play hide'n'seek in the dark. The It had a flashlight. The It was Nicholas. A dragonfly spooked him with its threatening bzzzzzz. He quit seeking. So we paired the kids up: two to hide together, two to seek together. A bee landed on Katherine and she freaked. The mosquitoes were out in force. The game ended.
Katherine is doing well though. I know she misses being with people, at least more people than just me. But for what she's putting up with at home, she's doing well. Today's topics are genetics and gravity/force, thanks to

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