Saturday, May 20, 2006

With the rains...

With the rains come cool weather. Such a blessing, and such a lift to our spirits. It's hard to realize sometimes how much the heat wears us down, how the humidity weighs us down, how the dust makes us feel clouded and worn. When the rains started, the temperatures dropped ten degrees by day and twenty degrees at night. We look around and see lush green plants, the washed streets and the clean air free of smoke and exhaust haze.

We had our friends, Laura and Todd, over for the day. How fun to spend time playing board games and talking about this and that. We broke in a new game for all of us, The Settlers of Cataan, and tried our dual dance pads for Dance, Dance Revolution on the Xbox. The kids had fun playing with their daughter, Cameron, even though swimming was a flop with the cool weather and impending rain. They pulled out Twister, Barbies, and all manner of toys.

Yeah, it was a good day.

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