Sunday, June 4, 2006

The great weekend continues.

Can it really be? Two upbeat posts in a row??

This morning I went swimming, a nice quiet 30-45 minutes of laps, by my lonesome. One must remember that laps in our pool equal approximately 4 freestyle strokes, but it is still a wonderfully refreshing and peaceful way to start the day. Well, that was the plan. Last weekend it worked beautifully, I even managed to shower before anyone came looking for me. Today though, I was discovered just as I was entering the pool. Busted.
Rebecca and Nicholas were outside playing with Sable all morning so I guess it was inevitable, but I did get some exercise while they went to change into their own suits. Katherine was still sleeping and Jonathon wasn't interested in swimming, so it was just me and the 2 Middles. Rebecca learned to dive and she's very proud of herself. Nicholas is getting there but still hops into the water. It was a pleasant morning of pool relaxation.
At 11:30 we had the RSO OMS and the Amb OMS in the car and drove to Coco Beach. There is indeed a new litter of puppies so the kids were quite busy. The water was high but comfortable. And henna art was available on the beach. All that was missing was a massage tent. Each of the kids now sports a henna tattoo an indulgence we're more than happy to give them in their last week of school. Katherine has a dolphin, Rebecca a shark, Nicholas a scorpion and Jonathon a lizard. Too cute. Lunch was good with Katherine and Nicholas having bowls of moules aka mussels, and Rebecca and Jonathon sharing curried chicken.
We didn't leave until 4:30, the longest we've spent at Coco Beach. And the place was packed! I've never seen so many folks there at once, we can't quite figure it out though we have theories of vacationers or teens back from boarding school.
It was a good day. We all felt happy and satisfied by the end of it. The sky was a brilliant blue, the breeze amazing, and the company was wonderful. Both OMSs are wonderful, friendly people and we thoroughly enjoyed spending our day with them.

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