Friday, June 2, 2006


I seem to be pretty sleepy lately. Staying up until midnight... obvious starting point. The heavy rainstorm... not helping. But I need to get myself in gear to face the day and the weekend. It's another long weekend here, Monday being a Togolese holiday. I don't know what for, but the kids are in school and Ian will be home with me and Katherine.

As you know, Katherine is homeschooling now. There's a week left in the regular school year, but we'll continue School Lite through the summer. There's not much else to do, and even when there was we've always done little projects and lessons each summer with all the kids.
Katherine did a good section on Genetics this past week, learning dominant and recessive traits, chromosomes, genes, alleles, mutation, etc. To round it out, has a program for determining different traits in dogs, and the tables in the science workbook focus on traits in the family. Several other websites have proved useful as well, like the Canadaian The GEEE! in Genome site. Next week we'll apply the information from Genetics to the beginning stages of human reproduction. Yes, there's a reason we're doing this the last week while the other kids are in school.
In Math, she continues with long division. She's not enjoying it and is looking forward to being done with it, finishing review of mixed fractions, decimals, then moving into Algebra. I'm not a big fan of Geometry and hopefully that'll change, but I'm putting it off for now.
In History, she's working her way through the Pre-Civil War time. Actually, I think this week she'll be in the Civil War. We're way behind on history because while she attended AISL she didn't go through chapters quite regularly. Her timeline on the wall is getting full though. For each section she reads, I have her pick an important date/event to add to the wall. I'm not sure yet what should happen at 1900 when this line is full. Hmmm.
For French, she does Rosetta Stone sections several times a week, as well as reading stories in Petites Histoires. She also visits with her bilingual friend, Paige, each week. They do stuff like mess with make-up or play the Sims, but cover parts of the face and items in a house while they're playing.
For Spelling/Vocabulary, I have a 5th grade book we use. Lately the topic has been Greek Roots, so she's figuring out how words are created. For Literature, well, I admit I let her have free reign. She's a bookworm, so she reads whatever she wants to.
Anyway, quick overview of what's been keeping me busy.

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