Monday, June 19, 2006

Something is Weighing on my Brain

I know everyone dreams every night, even if they don't remember it. I'm usually of the variety who remembers dreams if I've woken, then dozed off again in the early morning. But Saturday night and last night I couldn't get into a restful sleep because of the disturbing dreams.

Saturday night was water. Two separate dreams involving massive amounts of water. The first was in a little seaside town, just me and the kids and an approaching tsunami. I couldn't figure out how to hold on to everyone and kept seeing Jonathon being washed away. In the second, with just the kids and me again, we were in bright cave trying to get down a low but fast moving waterfall into a calmer pool below. I couldn't figure out how to do it without one of the kids getting swept into the fast flowing river a few strokes beyond the pool.
Then last night, I was transported back to the ever popular "didn't study for the exam in school" dream. At Marymount, Ian and I both had Dr. Pettavino for gov't, so there she was administering a final with its 3 questions. The first was on Bromide and its chemical reactions. I didn't do well in Chemistry in college in reality, so I skipped answering that in my dream too. The second was on labeling the countries in Europe. Piece of cake, no problem. The third was an hour long essay on material I hadn't read for class. I turned in my pages blank, before arriving at my dorm room for final packout. My roommate had already left, so I emptied my dresser and went home. Then I remembered I hadn't emptied my desk or closet and hoped I'd be allowed back in over the weekend.
At least I wasn't naked though, right? A recurring dream I have involves high school with never-ending halls and infinite lockers, a math class I can't find but need to find so I can take a test even though I haven't ever found the room before and therefore have never attended a lesson... and I'm not completely clothed. I don't wake up happy from that one either.

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