Thursday, November 9, 2006

Election Results are in....

I watched the results as they came in all day on the 8th, and now we have a Democrat win in both the House and Senate. I'm not saying my watching brought about the victory, but hey, I figure it's not unlike giving support while watching football on TV.

I look forward to seeing what, if anything, occurs over the next two years. Rumsfeld has already been dismissed but what really will happen with our presence in Iraq? The Dems have a lot on their plate, and a very short time to make some sweeping changes if they want to keep their momentum and current status.

Our housekeeper asked if I was a Bush supporter. After giving a non-answer, she said her previous Madame (*shudder*Madame*shudder*) did not like Bush at all. I do wonder how he's going to fare now he doesn't have a rubber stamp Congress to work with.

We shall see.

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