Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, family, friends, and those folks we know only in internetland. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

We celebrated Turkey Day in true American style. We went to the movies. In our defense, the kids were in school and both sets of neighbors were going to see 007, so we went too. I'm not a 007 fan but I've seen every movie (thanks, dear) and the Daniel Craig "Casino Royale" really is amazing to watch and more realistic than any other Bond flick out there. It was worth the Rs150 (about $3.50) tickets (ordered on-line, along with drinks and popcorn delivered straight to our seats), though the theater is well-worn and the crowd was packed with teen boys whistleing at the Bond girls and older folks checking their glowing cell phones. We plan to visit the new cinema in City Centre soon after it opens; it looks amazing.
Our Thanksgiving meal will be on Sunday, so the entire family can participate in its creation. But the meal is just that, a meal. The true Thanksgiving happens every day we remember those pieces of life that make us who we are. Yeah, you are what you eat *gobble*, but thankfully that's not all we're made of. We're made up of the things we do, the people we surround ourselves with and the connections we make in our hearts. We are blessed to have each other, a family that loves and grows each year into people we are proud to be, rough patches and all. And we are blessed for each person who crosses our path and teaches us, brightens our day and loves us. Thank You.

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