Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Additional Notes on Dizzy World

Cause there's never too much to know when visiting someplace in India.

Dizzy World opens at either 10 or 10:30 a.m. We never did figure out which. But the park remains sleepy until about 11.
School is in session in Chennai from Monday through Saturday. Therefore, going on a Saturday does not avoid the busloads of school children.
There is an entrance fee of Rs230 per child and I think it was Rs300 per adult. That is the basic fee. If you are entertaining the idea of adding the waterpark, it ran a little more, something like Rs360 per adult.
We saw the waterpark in Marry World. Well, we saw -a- waterpark. It was filled with school boys. Not a girl to be seen. No one monitoring it either from what we could tell. And no dress code. Boys ran the gamut from just a t-shirt (no bottoms), to full school uniform. In the water. I'd heard rumors that the water was green. Seems someone informed them that green water was bad and it's now so chemicaled that you can smell that instead.
Now that I think about it, that must have been the little kids water park. I recall seeing somewhere that Dizzy World had a wave pool and water slides. We didn't see them. Probably for the best.
Outside food is officially forbidden in the park. This rule is ignored. It's a good thing too, with most of the concession stands empty, the open ones offering drinks and ice cream, and two restaurants on the premises: Chinese with a/c and Indian outside. We saw a single table filled at the Indian place, and didn't peek into the Chinese one. At lunchtime, the walkways were filled with school groups hunkering down to eat their packed lunches. Rice littered the sidewalks like those little piles you see in your Roller Coaster Tycoon parks.
There are two roller coasters at the park. One is reminiscent of the mouse: individual cars that go on a high but relatively short ride. Ian noted that as the mouse car was climbing to the top it made a rather sickly clunking sound, not the usual *chink*chink*chink*chink* you would normally hear from a coaster chain. The other coaster, called The Roller Coaster was actually originally from an amusement park in Ohio, and was formerly called The Corkscrew. It was "under maintenance" when we visited. That was probably for the best too.
Wear a hat. Wear sunscreen. Bring water. Bring a smile and patience and realize that this too is part of Incredible India.

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