Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Luck Ran Out?

As I sit here after an uncomfortable second night with an aching ear and half a sore throat (the side attached to the ear)...

...and the computer is acting wonky with its volume settings, I have Jonathon home all day after he threw up all over his bed last night... then couldn't get comfortable on his nap mat.... then woke up his brother.... *yawn* Is today over yet? Nope, it's lunch time.
We had a good streak of everyone healthy. Back to square one.
Jonathon's scratches and bites are healing well, all but one that is a little too red for my liking. On Tuesday, there was an altercation between Lucy mama cat and my kid. He was up before everyone and down in the cat room, petting them and most likely getting into their little kitty faces. Lucy had taken to nipping at our ankles or arms when we weren't paying her enough attention, or if we touched too close to her swollen belly, and she plays pretty fierce with her kittens. While I snoozed, Lucy got her point across by digging in to Jonathon. He sports a hefty number of scratches on one butt cheek, a few sprinkled on his tummy, some good sized gashes on one arm, and an extended bite on his right leg. He went off to school wrapped in gauze and bandages and sat out of swimming yesterday. I called the family who are taking in Lucy and they offered to take her that night.
Lucy is a sweet cat, practically still a kitten herself at about a year old. But she's also pregnant again, and in our house we have three kittens of hers who are constantly bugging her. She has jealousy issues mixed with the protective instinct. Hormonally, she's a mess. So our neighbors took her in, which was not well received by their current cat. Lucy owns wherever she lives and Misha didn't appreciate that in the least. But it seems that 36 hours later they have drawn a truce. Lucy is doing well in her new home, enjoying the calm and full attention of the people she lives with. It was a good decision. Rebecca had a bad night the day Lucy left, and I think she's still angry with me, but she'll recover. The poor kid has given up or lost a lot in the pet realm over the past 6 months.
The three that stayed with us are doing fine. Well, the two black ones are friendly and playful, but the striped/spotted one is still a little wild. Any surprise move on our part brings a hiss and a swipe of the claws. Not pleasant in the least, and after nearly three weeks I'm getting rather tired of it. I don't know how much longer to put up with that, honestly, but I do know that Rebecca would be devastated if somehow Tikka found a new home.
Now we keep watch to see if new kittens appear anytime in the next 4 weeks from Lucy. I feel like I've become cat lady.

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