Monday, March 26, 2007


Job: Animal Shelter Owner (a vet has all those medical things to do)... Artist... a really good Tennis Player
Place to Live: Iceland (by the mountains)... Virginia (a year on the beach)... Wisconsin (cheese!)
No. of Kids: 1 or 2
Job: Fisherman... Artist... Animal Shelter Owner (hey, he can work with Rebecca!)
Place to Live: Togo (after some persuasion he swtiched to Iceland)
Job: Artist (drawer, to be exact)... Soldier... and a Dad
Place to Live: Virginia... Togo... Iceland
Job: Actress (I could totally see this)... Veterinarian (she can be Rebecca's vet!)... Diplomat (just like dad)
Place to Live: a few years in the United States
No. of Kids: A few
Updates TBA

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