Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Not for us, check-ups for the cats.

We had a new vet come out to the house yesterday. The cats are well behind in their vaccinations, they are 4 months next week. Our neighbor used our previous vet for spaying her dog, and the dog didn't die, but we didn't want to take the chance on our cats again, so Dr. Aravind came by for an initial visit. They haven't been dewormed so that's the first step. Since we'll be gone a few days we'll start on Monday, go weekly if necessary until they are clean, monthly until their first birthday (January 2nd), then every 3 months after that. He wouldn't start vaccinations until they are wormed/dewormed (one of those funky word things where both mean the same thing), otherwise we'd have nicely vaccinated tapeworms and roundworms and not as protected furrballs.
The cats have each developed their own distinct personalities. Tikka the tigerish cat is the smallest and the only girl. She's slight but all muscle and holds her own against the two boys. She's skittish but has made great strides the past week, finally hopping onto laps and not fighting as strenuously when picked up. She loves to get pet and does the leg weaving bit especially on the stairs. Hmm, maybe she's just trying to achieve our early end with that one.
The other two, Masala and Tandoori are lap cats. Tandoori hasn't learned yet how to hop on things without claws, my legs are proof of that. Masala is gentler, but neither are graceful. They're likely to fall off ledges or slide off furniture.
They all meow. A lot. Tikka does a pathetic crying meow that really grates, the other two want to be picked up or more likely, fed.
It's going to be hard choosing which cats to bring with us. We're not going to be the crazy cat people.

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