Saturday, April 21, 2007

How is it possible....

...that we have an 11yo, 9yo, 7YO, and a 5yo? Nicholas is seven now, turned a year older on Friday with cupcakes, snake cake, a class crown and presents galore. He really wanted a party, I really didn't, so we compromised with invitations to the 1st graders at school to join in his celebration with cupcakes at the end of the school day. He received no fewer than 10 presents, something I had considered might happen. It was like Christmas all over, all for him.
...that we went to a shop today packed with loads of awesome things, and bought nothing? Seriously, nothing. The Cottage Industries has a little of everything and lots of a few things. Ian and I eyed potential gifts and additions to our own home. But I appeased us by taking notes with the promise of a return in a few weeks. I still want to take Ian to the furniture shop on the ECR that has a curio I really like.
...that I'm wearing a man's shirt covered in Ohm and Swastik and a repeated mantra in Hindi? Honestly, I like it. I know I'll never be able to wear this shirt outside of India unless it's as a sleeping shirt, but it will forever be my controversial India shirt. For Hindus the swastik is an extremely holy and auspicious symbol.

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