Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catching Up, oh and Happy 60th Independence Anniversary

We have one kitten in our care. The other one, the cute black and white one, managed to escape through a tiny hole I thought I'd covered completely with a brick. Unfortunately the gap led to a lower roof, and from there a 12 foot drop to the ground. We didn't find the kitten on the overhang so have to assume he jumped. We didn't find him squashed on the ground so have to assume he's either escaped or been eaten. It's frustrating because not only did we have two of the kittens, but two kittens makes company and right now our one kitten is quite understandably miserable, lonely and scared. We catch it regularly in a towel (no one can I say I don't learn my lesson sometimes!) and force it to succumb to petting. Three days and the kitten has completely lost its meowing voice. Poor little thing. I keep trying to ask someone at the Consulate to borrow their cat trap, but a good time never presents itself.

Because you know, I'm a working girl now and the person I need to ask is my boss, a boss above my team boss. I'm pretty low on the totem pole, visa clerks do monotonous grunt work. That's fine with me, I actually enjoyed my first day of fingerprinting. With only 4 hours a day, I carpool in with Ian and our neighbor, complete 3 hours of fingerprinting plus another hour TBD (I haven't learned memos or revocation notices yet), and then I go home. Or like yesterday, I meet up a friend for lunch. Then I go home. And I take a nap, do some housework, figure out dinner for the next day, etc. I'm home when the kids get back from school which is my goal.
When the kids arrive, we unpack lunch boxes, dump the remains from their water bottles, hang up wet swimsuits, do homework, have dinner, make lunches for the next day, fill out any lingering paperwork, put kids to bed, figure out clothes for next day, write list of "Things Not to Forget" and move on.
Today though, today is a break. We're all off for Indian Independence Day. Having combined holidays is a treat, usually either Ian is off or the kids are off. But this morning I'm getting some exercise in and this afternoon we're cramming 11 people in our car (American safety issues? Hah! We're adopting the Indian clown car norm) to see "The Simpson's Movie" at Sathyam. If it had been at Citi Centre we'd drive ourselves, but no one knows how to get to Sathyam. Poor planning on our part, no?
So, it's 9 a.m. and the day is getting going. Nicholas has a bad tummy ache, Jonathon has a bad tummy ache with a fever.
Yup, the school year has started.

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