Saturday, August 25, 2007

I hate Change

This is precisely why I hate change. And upgrades. And "this will make it so much cooler."

It's like when you set about cleaning out a room, or a closet or a drawer in your home. It all gets so much worse before it gets better.

Earlier this week I tried to post an entry on the blog and got a "500 Error." I don't know what that is, I didn't bother looking it up, I just told Ian when he got home and had him deal with it. Call me what you like (Techonology Impaired Ostrich is just fine) but when a computer shows an error, I cave.
Eventually a new message popped up at our Moveable Type page and insisted we upgrade. The download took several tries and eventually we have what I'm typing in now. Only there's now a single author (me) and I can't change anything once I've put it up. And neither can Ian. Talk about pressure. But that's impractical too and will have to be fixed somehow because we have to be able to edit and delete. I don't know why this is the default setting, and it's a reason I hate change... the newer thing never works the way I want right out the gate. It takes a fight and it's not a fight I feel is worth my time when the original program worked just fine.
Enough about that. Just know that if I make a typo or leave out a word or say something stupid, I can't fix it. At least not right away. Go ahead and point it out but it's going to stay for a while anyway.
So why did I want to post earlier this week?
It's been a roughish week at school. And I had my first full week of work. That's a separate post for now. I just wanted to put up some links to news from this week, not the least of which this one from the IHT yesterday:
Bombs Kill Dozens in India, specifically in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is not Chennai, it is about an hour flight away and many folks from the Consulate travel their regularly for work. Our neighbor returned from Hyderabad on Thursday.
All the other actual news from I found interesting is now old, so I won't bother. But here are a few interesting side notes:
Indian Finishing Schools. They don't teach dancing and which spoon to use, but how to dress for an interview and take out the rolling Rs from speech.
Agatha Christie in Pictures. We saw these comic books in our Landmark book stores here in Chennai, back in June. I bought a couple for the kids, each with 3 Christie stories in them.
And lastly, Shawn in Kyiv had a quirky little post on the world's unwillingness to line up and the 7 steps (in no particular order) to dealing with it. Or not.

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