Saturday, August 11, 2007

They live!

After tennis, Rebecca saw FMC (Feral Mamam Cat, for those who forgot) wandering around the court. She followed.

And lo... three quite live kittens scampering amidst the drainage ditches. Yay! Kittens - 1, Snake - 0.
We've caught two so far. That was not an easy task in a huge yard. I rather forgot in my excitement to protect myself and grabbed the first kitten bare-handed.
I should have read this first from
"Do not try to capture a feral cat by using your hands. This is a disaster in the making ... If you must handle a feral cat, wear heavy gloves and a long-sleved shirt. Have a carrier ready to put the animal into so that you minimize the stress on both the animal and you. Ferals are more likely to scream and fight than a domestic housecat about going into a pet carrier..."
I've put a call in to the nurse to see if I need any additional rabies vaccinations since I'd had the pre-exposure series last October. I'd also like to know if I should be on any antibiotics for the other random cat spread yuckiness. Still waiting.
The two we caught are on our upstairs enclosed outdoor porch. We'll spend what time we can with them to tame them for another family. We'll still try to catch the other kitten and we dream of catching the mom but we'll need a humane cat trap for that.
This isn't over.
In other news, we found a new church, quite close, an easy drive, one I went to last Fall but ended up at an evening Tamil Mass. A small old Portugese building, complete with simple decoration and a big neon red cross on top.
Too bad they just demolished it to build something newer and presumably bigger. Mass is currenly held in the administrative building. The new building should be done in about, oh, a year.
We're really not having much luck with this.
Also, Katherine got the rest of her school supplies at Landmark. A sketch pad for Art, a couple 2-ring binders, pads of 2-ring paper, and the Indian version of the Trapper Keeper.
And I bought a couple new tops for work. I start Monday.

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