Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Did you miss us?

We were offline for nearly a week, and no one noticed? Pshaw. Well, it's probably best that way as last week devolved into a soupy mess of misery and a serious questioning as to whether or not this parenting thing was working out. If I'd been on-line you would have heard how I got a call from the Middle School principal about Katherine talking back to her science teacher. You would have heard about Katherine losing her shoes at the Elementary School winter program because she took them off to play with her friends and then... well... lost them. You would have heard about getting a phone call from Jonathon's teacher about how his behavior has plummeted and how he regularly waltzes into class well after the recess bell rings. You would have heard how Saturday morning I was cleaning up the living room and found a week's worth of incomplete homework that apparently slipped Nicholas's mind every day I asked "Do you have homework to do?" You would have heard about Nicholas losing his shoes at an outdoor Christmas party because he kicked them off and couldn't fathom where they'd gone.

You would have heard about all this and you would have sensed the weariness and disappointment and frustration in my words. You would have wondered if I was going to do something drastic, something akin to running away.

You would have heard all this, but you didn't. Be thankful.

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