Saturday, December 1, 2007


Katherine was issued a new school flute. She's happy, I'm happy. The last one was aged and needed repair, her teacher took pity.

But Ian and I ended up looking at flutes to buy anyway. And as far as beginner flutes, these are what we've come up with. Knowing that she's played flute for all of 4 months, a beginner flute would do for another couple of years. It would be for home and concert use only with the school issue instrument for school practice.

So we have the (1) Yamaha YFL221, the same as the school flutes which can run anywhere between $300-$800. (2) The Jupiter 507S or the 515S for $300-$700. (3) Or the Gemeinhardt 2SP, again from $300-$800.

Obviously some places will sell them much higher, not many sell lower but there some places. I'd be curious to hear from the musically inclined which instrument they'd lean towards. Personally, I'd go for the Yamaha, espcially if we can get a good deal, because Katherine is familiar with it, it gets great reviews, and it's definitely a name we can trust.

All of those are basic, closed hole, C flutes. There's the option of an open hole flute too, but perhaps that would be best saved for an intermediate step.

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