Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two days before Christmas...

And yes, I'm tired of the cold. Only a few more weeks of frigidness before we're back to the toasty warm shores of south Asia.

But in the meantime...

We're having a great time in Virginia. Last night we had dinner at Silverado in Annandale and though I'm still on and off ill it was amusing to hear the waitress ask rather worriedly if Ian's steak was OK. He only managed to eat about 10 oz of a 14 oz medium-cooked ribeye steak, more beef in one sitting than he's eaten in the past several months. Aside from Nicholas devouring his cheeseburger, no one finished their meal. Portion sizes are a little unnerving.
We've shopped and shopped. The Christmas tree is nauseatingly full. Our tradition is to open gifts after Midnight Mass, so 8 people's worth of gifts starting at 2 a.m. can lead to a very long night. We've also shopped for items we need at home, like cold cream to remove indelible face paint.
We're still waking up early and going to bed early too. But today is Sunday and we're looking forward to a day of church and football.

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