Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Update Time

Our gardener returned after another week "sick." For a day. And is taking the rest of this week off. I've told him (through our driver) that it seems he's not well enough to do this job for us anymore and I was not hiring his nephew. He promised up and down that he will be fine come Saturday. He blames the doctors. And I learned through the driver that the gardener never did have the surgery he took 6 weeks off to have and recover from. Never Had The Surgery. But if the pain doesn't leave this time he might have to have it.

If he doesn't come back full-time starting Saturday, he'll have plenty of time to have his surgery, and then recover from it.

I sound unforgiveably awful, don't I? The thing is, I really do like this guy. He's always helpful, always has a smile on his face, and does a decent job with the yard. And I sympathize that he's not feeling well. But he's hired as a gardener and if he cannot do a gardening job for us, then I'm not going to keep him hired with a non-gardening proxy showing up each day. He obviously needs the time to get better and honestly, gardening is probably not the best job for him now (or ever again, I don't know). It would be awful if he collapsed while working. For all of us. So, I hope he gets better and start actually working for us again, but if he doesn't I hope he takes his pink slip graciously.
Last week Katherine started going to volleyball practices. Today the names were announced for the Middle School team traveling to Mumbai on the 9th of May. She didn't make the cut. It's even harder that the team is made up of 6 girls, 2 from 6th grade, 2 from 7th and 2 from 8th. Only 3 6th graders came out for it, 2 were chosen, Katherine wasn't one of them. She took it better than expected, and I think it helped that 3 7th graders tried out so one of them was left out too. All I can say is, some days Middle School really really sucks.
Nicholas is still reveling in being 8. I think he's taken a photo of just about every floor tile with his new digital camera, and the Deal or No Deal game is going to run out of power soon. Apparently we've already won well over a million dollars.
Jonathon had a rough week in school last week. Probably induced by way too much of Nicholas's birthday cake, but he couldn't focus, couldn't sit still, was distracting others. He had several bad days in a row, and I got teacher phone calls. No one likes to get teacher phone calls. So after the third day of not-so-good reports, I asked her why she didn't just give him a stack of homework assignments the next time he misbehaved. Her eyes lit up and she asked if I was OK with that. Um, she doesn't know me very well. So I strongly urged her to go ahead. Monday morning she pulled him aside and showed him a stack of homework papers with his name on them (figuratively). And wouldn't you know it, yesterday he came home with a frog. A paper frog saying he had a a Great Day. It's only his third frog this school year, but it came at just the right time.

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