Sunday, November 30, 2008


There are days, normal days, where I feel like I'm going in circles. Yesterday was a Circle Day, but it felt far from normal. I guess it's just being jittery. Ian called at dinner time and talked to all the girls. He's frustrated and I'm frustrated for him. I hope today is a better day for him. If he's having a good day, then we will too.

In the meantime I've turned the turkey carcass into stock (stacked in the freezer, ready for use), I'm doing a lot of dishes (the housekeeper has been out since Wednesday because of the cyclone, which is finally done), cleaning up (one word: kids), putting together gifts (blasted Snapfish *grumble*), rahrahing the offspring into using their chore charts (it's so much fun to hear them complain about no money when they've had chore charts for weeks... and haven't done them), on-line window shopping (nothing will make it for the holidays anymore), etc etc etc. The gas ran out on the stove when I was making some turkey soup and I don't feel like changing the tank, so it'll be nuked. I really should be whipping up some additional cookie doughs for Thursday and Friday, and continuing my crochet projects. Make a "Free Cats" sign for the kitten and Tikka. And my bedroom needs some serious attending to. Instead, I'm sitting here feeling like I'm going in circles.
Isn't it funny how the computer sucks away time? I'm going to write a list for this afternoon and stop sitting here checking
So what did I do with my afternoon? I didn't clean my bedroom like I wanted, that's a bummer and I may still take a swing at it before taking a shower and getting some sleep. Maybe. I did bring the kids to the pool as it was remarkably clean after the cyclone, and picked up the kitchen a bit. Not all the dishes, that's practically a living creation now with the stacks of dirty dishes in the sinks. I threw out the trash because the turkey carcass wasn't being kind to my nose. A couple more loads of laundry done, school lunches for tomorrow made, played a round of Harry Potter Scene It with the boys, litter boxes cleaned, chore charts printed, a round of Holy Cow with Jonathon, the Free Cats poster page just needs photos of Tikka and Raita, a few pages of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle read, a double batch of ginger cookie dough is in the freezer, and that's about it. We had the neighbors over for Sunday night pizza and the Christmas lights were all aglow. Katherine did her Mitosis project which turned out pretty cool (have I mentioned how I really miss taking science classes?) and I learned that the ugly little bump on Nicholas's thumb is actually a wart.
Ew, a wart. I read up a bit on wart treatments and seems a simple thing called Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy works as well and often better than freezing/cutting/other doctor invasive methods. The idea is to cut pieces of duct tape just the size of the wart and adhere it to the spot for 6 days, then scrape off the dead cells with a pumice stone and repeat the process until the wart is gone. It doesn't hurt, isn't dangerous, and takes less time that more painful methods to clear it out. And that's when I discovered I have no duct tape. Scotch? check. Packing? check. Electrical? check. Duct? nope. One more thing to put on the shopping list.

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