Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a week.

Last you heard, I was sick. That's not changed.

I stayed home from work Tuesday while our neighbor took our kids and his to the Planetarium down the road. Apparently it's like stepping through a time portal, straight back to circa 1963. Few of the exhibits worked, as is typical.
The vet came in the afternoon. I'd locked the cats in the playroom which was a mistake. Our cats freak at the sight of the vet. They just know. And with all the toys around, the cats tore through the room knocking everything down and out of their way. They got their shots anyway, and we had the vet check out Hiro, our foster kitten.
Wednesday I coughed my way through work then helped the kids carve their pumpkins. I have pictures.
Thursday I coughed my way through work again. Afterwards we brought Katherine to Salon 2000 over at the Park Sheraton to get her hair cut. She chose a really great style and it looks wonderful on her. In the evening we all trucked over to Sparky's for a Halloween party/buffet. I have pictures.
Friday, again with the coughing at work. Then Katherine went back to Salon 2000 and got her hair highlighted with copper highlights. It was a compromise. She wanted purply-black highlights, or crayon red highlights, she accepted gentle copper highlights. At the very least she now knows the process for getting color, and didn't thoroughly enjoy it, but may go a bit brighter next time. She got back just in time to don her costume again (vampire 70s prom girl) to go to the Consulate Halloween party. I have pictures.
Once home, we'd been asked to walk next door to the CGs to watch a skit by the Little Theater kids coming by. They arrived all in costume with Trick-or-Treat bags, and no skit. Quickly, we arranged for them to stop by the Simmons house and our house for T-o-Ting. The kids and I scooted back home to split out the give away candy from the loot they had just gotten at the Consulate, we lit up the jack-o-lanters, and did our bit.
We caught the latest episode of Heroes before I finally crashed hard at 10:30, and hardly stirred until 9:30 (except for that cat... oh Tandoori, if you make it out of India alive I'll owe it all to my self-restraint. See, the previous 2 nights, the cats have gotten into the bedroom. Tandoori would curl up for a while, but then he'd start this maddening ritual of sitting on me. Not sleeping, just sitting. He's easily 12 pounds, so over and over again he would sit on my stomach and stare at me. I'd wake up enough to throw him off the bed. He'd meow a few times, go to the rug to sharpen his claws for a bit, then hop back up on the bed, walk on me, sit down on my stomach, stare... repeat. For 2 nights he did this. So last night I put all the cats in the hallway, closed and bolted the door (they can open our doors otherwise by reaching up and pulling down the handle). He couldn't get in, so he spent hours reaching the handle and pulling it down, then meowing when it wouldn't open. *Thwap* goes the handle. *Meow* *meow* *thwap*... *thwap*...*meow*... *thwap* *thwap*... *meow* *meow* *meow*... *thwap*... He is seriously irritating).
Rebecca is back from her sleepover last night, where I heard she was up until 3 a.m. Sounds like an early bedtime for everyone today. But first, we need to feed Hiro and check to see if the deworming meds worked. You know how that goes. Nicholas fed the guinea pig, and I'm hoping for rain one of these days so we can release the frogs. It hasn't rained since last weekend, and now should be the start of the monsoon season, not the end. Monday the guinea pig goes back to school, yay! I don't think the kids will ever ask to have one of their own, so it was successful experience.
On to my day... feed the kitten, get dressed, eat something, and I'm off to go glasses shopping with friends. Down to one pair and I don't especially like these anyway. So it's time for something fresh and new. Here's hoping.

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