Thursday, January 15, 2009

I know I haven't written since Sunday.

With going back to work along with uploading all the tennis photos (sorry, there's like 100 over on Flickr), I just haven't had much time. And Sunday was the most exciting day of tennis even! The ballet was OK, the Pongal party was fun. Wednesday and Thursday of this week are work holidays for Pongal (Thursday only for the kids), I'm taking Friday off, the weekend of course, Monday is another work holiday (kids in school), yet I'm wiped.

With all the holidays, our neighbors are vacationing in Thailand sans their kids which means for the next 4 1/2 days we have 7 kids. The older six kids are no issue, the baby has reminded me it's been 7 years since I've managed an infant. Of course the child who "sleeps through the night" didn't go down until after 10 when her parents left for the airport, then was up at 1 a.m until roughtly 1:40, then slept until almost 9. She's followed her schedule almost exactly since aside from everything being about 2 hours later. We'll see how tonight goes.
With 7 kids in the house, there's a little balancing to be done. Of course school and homework which is a consideration Thursday night and Sunday night so everyone sleeps at their own houses most of the time, there are birthday parties to attend (one today for one kid, a sleepover party Friday night for the two 5th graders, another party on Saturday afternoon, and another Sunday afternoon which won't be attended because it's way the heck out on a day with no driver), there are snacks and lunches to make, P.E. days to remember, and gobs of kids to put to bed at the end of the day.
Thankfully on days when everyone is here (today and the weekend), I get plenty of breaks. Today I managed to hop over to the CGs house for 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra in the morning. I'm blogging while Ian has the kids at the pool and the baby is napping in her crib. When she's awake there are plenty of hands to help change diapers or provide entertainment. Friday will be a challenge for me as I haven't spent an entire day by myself with an infant since Katherine was born (after that there were always siblings around), and then I had Ian home with me since he was working swing shift at the Daily Press. Yup, tomorrow will be a challenge. Monday is up in the air. There's a spa trip planned and I'd like to go, that would leave Ian with the baby a good chunk of the day. While tempting, I think it would be more fun to just hang out, go to lunch and pack everything up before the parents return.
Oh yeah, I wanted to mention what I did yesterday. Since school was in session but the Consulate was closed, a couple friends and I hit a big handicraft fair. There's only one thing that I wish I would have gotten but didn't, and one thing I wanted but wasn't there. I did purchase a load of items that I've been thinking of for a while: Simple bags to hold my crochetting projects; Stretched and painted lamp shades for the kids' rooms back home; Tiger rugs (woolen knotted rugs in the shape of tigers). I also picked up birthday gifts for the upcoming parties, a handbag for Rebecca and a necklace for Katherine for her birthday which were a total score. I can do a lot of damage with 2 hours of shopping but that's my limit. My the time we hit the last stalls I wanted out.
Shopping was followed by lunch at Tangerine, a new place for us with decent food.

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