Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No One Likes to do Dishes

It's a fact, we all dislike doing dishes. I don't do them because my hands break out. Wearing gloves helps some, but even the sweat that is held in will cause an eczema breakout. Not fun. The kids don't do a good enough job, really, and Ian just doesn't go near the sink unless he's drying while I wash.

So we had a 3 day weekend (again) and the dishes piled up. We were busy out of the house half of the weekend so I'm not sure how we managed to use every bowl, every utensil, every plastic cup, but we did. The housekeeper didn't come until Tuesday so the sinks were overflowing.

Tuesday morning Nicholas looked at the sink and asked why the housekeeper didn't come in over the weekends. Well, they're the weekends and her days off too, I told him, but once we get to the States we won't have a housekeeper anymore and will instead have a dishwasher. A machine where dishes are deposited after each meal, and every evening it will run and wash all the dishes. And if it's full before then, we can run it during the day and have all clean dishes after an hour.
Jonathon was very excited and said we just HAD to buy a dishwasher. I told him that just about every house now comes with one. Nicholas pondered for a second then asked, "Can it work on Saturdays and Sundays too?"
I see we will have a bit of adjusting to do.

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